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We are proud to say American Registry was selected to be the official and authorized recognition products partner for some of America's most trusted professional organizations at identifying business excellence. These organizations rigorously gather up peer review ratings, customer reviews, industry analysis, to ultimately uncover the best of the best professionals in business. Are you in The Registry?

Martindale Hubbell ACSM Five Star Professional A4M TWP DOD

American Registry possess the largest repository of professional recognitions in the world.

Professional Rating Companies

Professional Rating

One-of- a-kind displays that allow your award recipients to showcase their achievements along with your brand.

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Diplomas, Board Licenses & Certificates

Diplomas, Board
Licenses & Certificates

Transform paper credentials into high impact displays that help grow reach and loyalty.

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Everyday Achievement


Capture and display any of life’s greatest moments, memories or milestones.

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Bringing recognitions to life.

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